It’s an exciting time for De La Salle Catholic College Cronulla.  As part of its transformation to a Years 7-12 co-educational College, De La Salle is changing its name to St Aloysius College and is proud to unveil a new school crest and colours.

“It’s important to us to have a modern, professional visual identity which reflects our Lasallian heritage and parish connection, and speaks to our new opportunities as a school,” said Principal Stephen Mahoney.

“This is an exciting time of change for us. Not only are we growing to be a full Years 7-12 college, but we are part of the eastern Shire precinct with De La Salle Catholic College Caringbah and Our Lady of Mercy Catholic College Burraneer.”

“Our three schools form one community, delivering a deeper benefit to students and their families by sharing educational expertise, facilities and resources across all three in an innovative hybrid classroom setting. This will further extend the already high standard of education offered at De La Salle Cronulla to a new generation of students.”


The new colour palette reflects the history of the College, its connection to the precinct and its rich Catholic heritage.

  • Main colour: Navy. This colour has been retained from the previous crest and will be a common colour across the three precinct schools.
  • Secondary colour: Gold. This colour has been retained from the previous crest but transitioned to a true gold. 
  • Highlight colour: White. White is the liturgical colour of purity, light, reverence and joy.
  • Both white and gold symbolise the birth and resurrection of Jesus Christ.

The new crest’s style is contemporary and clean. The elements reflect the school’s rich Lasallian heritage and its connection to parish:

  • The celtic cross is the traditional Lasallian cross. This element is modelled on the large granite cross in the school grounds
  • The Lasallian five pointed star sits in the centre
  • The shell is representative of journey, but it also has a strong connection to the St Aloysius parish. The name ‘Cronulla’ comes from the First Nations name ‘Kurranulla’, referring to the local Kurranulla shell
  • The laurel wreath has been a symbol of excellence since Ancient Greece, where it was awarded to great scholars, artists, soldiers, and those athletes who won in competitions such as the Olympic Games. The wreath is carried over from the existing crest and modernised
  • The St Aloysius name sits nestled in the cross and wraps around the star.

The College will roll out the new name, crest and colours in 2024, ready to welcome its first Year 7 cohort.

Introducing St Aloysius College Cronulla