Outstanding Visual Arts Work Receives State Wide Recognition

The Art Class of 2020 have been unable to hold their annual graduating exhibition due to Covid 19 restrictions in schools. The class of 2020, however, are a resilient group having made it through the toughest school year since World War II.

Special Congratulations are due to Bronte Stark who has been selected from an elite group at the top of the State to be exhibited in Art Express at the Hazelhurst Gallery in February.

Aleisha Palermo has also been selected for exhibition in Art Rules at Hazelhurst, which features the top HSC works from Southern Sydney.

Mia Marvin and Laurah Tapas (who won the 2020 Clancy Prize) were also shortlisted for the Art Express Exhibition which put them amongst the top works in the State.


Bronte Stark Art Express 2020

De La Salle Cronulla portrait artwork of a man in red hat

Laura Tapas Art Express 2020