The Lasallian charism is fostered in our community. Staff and students experience training and education that continues to develop our sense of being Lasallian at the college. De La Salle Catholic College Cronulla is a community built around the Lasallian values of St John Baptist De La Salle. These values are fostered and demonstrated through the daily life of the college, in our relationships and social initiatives.

Community Day, Founders’ Day, the Year 11 Retreat, Touching Hearts program and the St Vincent De Paul appeal are examples of how our Lasallian charism is actively lived out through service.

Through these active responses of compassion, empathy and respect are fostered. A supportive pastoral team are present at the college, who work to nurture the wellbeing of students so that they are resilient and feel empowered.

De La Salle Catholic College Cronulla - Student Showcase - 2019 Graduation Mass

The teaching staff are dedicated and experienced in helping students reach their highest potential and work to guide them on their journey to becoming independent young adults.

When in Year 12 the Student Leadership team undertake further training that will enable them to lead the college community in the ways of De La Salle. They also have opportunities to work with other senior students from other Lasallian schools.

Immersion experiences provide a much deeper experience and the Lasallian Youth Ministry offers a number of experiences to students at the end of Year 12 including trips to New Zealand, New Guinea and Pakistan.

We are encouraged to work towards achieving our personal best at all times. We are offered many opportunities academically as well as in the creative arts and sporting aspects of the college. Thereby, personal gifts and talents are recognised, frequently showcased, nurtured and commended.